Peace Lutheran Church Port Byron, IL

The Closing of our Church

After two and a half years of planning, the congregation of Peace Lutheran Church has voted to close our church. 

As planned, we will be gifting our building to Ann’s Helping Hands, a local non-profit organization that provides for the needs of many members of the local community.  This will allow them the opportunity to further their community service, outreach and good works. 

Many factors have contributed to this decision, including the lack of growth within the congregation, numbers of worshippers at Sunday morning services, and limited availability to take on administrative roles within the church. 

Although none of us wants to do this, we feel by doing so now, we provide ourselves the ability to gift the building to an organization that will do good things in our community, thereby determining our own legacy and the continued opportunity of having an impact on the community. 

In addition to gifting the building to Ann’s Helping Hands, we voted to donate gifts to several charitable organizations, with our remaining cash